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Furniture Removal and Disposal

We remove old furniture that has passed it's prime and seen better days. We also remove furniture and bring it to storage. Furniture removal should be handled by experienced movers to avoid damage to the home. Often times when relocating you no longer have a need for certain items and don't want them taking up space in your new home. Having new furniture delivered and need the old taken away? We handle last minute pop ups when you may not have planned ahead for new furniture delivery.

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Old TV Removal and Disposal

We'll that old TV from your house or the curb so you don't need to be home.


Couch and Sofa Removal and Disposal

We remove couches and sofas that have passed their usefulness for the family and try to recycle them.


Mattress Removal and Disposal

Don't risk getting hurt, old mattresses are difficult to move. We'll remove and dispose of them for you.

We also Donate Furniture for Recycling

Older furniture in good shape may be donated to a local Goodwill or thrift store that can help it find a new home. We try to recycle (approx. 30-40%) and avoid the landfill whenever possible and save everyone money in the process by avoiding disposal fees and getting the furniture to someone in need. 

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